Black Flower Raleigh

No, it’s not a shop for genetically engineered and depressing gifts for pissed off girlfriends… It’s a bar. It’s not a club, a lounge, an ULTRA-lounge, dance hall, or any other euphemism for over-priced, dress-coded, and annoyingly pretentious buildings that serve alcohol. It’s a bar. The Flower pours good, strong drinks, and plays fantastic music. That’s it. Simple. If waiting in line, paying too much for weak drinks, and listening to the same music you heard on the radio on your way to the bar are your “things,” then the Flower would like to encourage you to stay the hell away… If, however, you are into having a good time with good people… Then we’d like to invite you out. Open 7pm until 2am, seven days a week, with entertainment and killer drink specials every night… We promise to have something you’re looking for. So come out with your drinking cap on. Leave your “being lame cap” in your closet. And fair warning: there’s a good chance you’ll be refused a lime and salt with your tequila… Right before you are publicly scorned and told to learn how to drink. Welcome to the Black Flower. Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Everyday specials include: $5 our favorite whisky, $5 Sex Panther, $4 Our Favorite Torched Cherry rum, $2 PBR bottles, $1 High Life Grenades

Address: 517 W. Peace St. Raleigh, NC




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